Join in a positive beginning to the new school year

They're your kids and you worry about them, even when sending them off to school.

Will they do their best?
Will they apply their brains to the subjects at hand?
Will they gain knowledge and skills enough to attain a fulfilling and rewarding life in the world of work?

Will they be safe?
Will they make good friends?
Will they neither be bullied nor be a bully?
Will they see in themselves and others the potential each has to change the future for good?

Will their teachers nurture them?
Challenge them?

Will this year of school be a blessing for them?

There are never any guarantees. Yet offering prayers and a special blessing as another school year begins is a positive way to show your children that they are not alone.

Episcopal churches across Western New York will be offering Backpack Blessings this month. Use the links to the left to find one near you. Our communities of faith are open and inclusive. You and your family are welcome - no matter what!!