You may find one of these books interesting:

Anglican Family Prayer Book by Anne Kitch

A terrific resource that helps parents and children pray together. Prayers for morning and evening, blessings, nighttime prayers, prayers for ordinary and special occasions, intercessory prayers, and more make this book a timeless treasure that families can use every day. - Church Publishing

My Faith, My Life: A Teen's Guide to the Episcopal Church by Jennifer Gamber
If you listen closely enough to teenagers, you’ll hear their deep yearning to connect with God, and a powerful instinct to belong. And you’ll find out right away the one thing they really hate—being preached to. In My Faith, My Life, teens learn all about the Christian faith and the Episcopal Church. With lively writing that’s always informative and never condescending, the book gives them all the basics they need to know to understand their faith – and claim it as their own. - Church Publishing

What Size are God's Shoes: Kids, Chaos and the Spiritual Life by Tim Schenk
"What Size Are God's Shoes?: Kids, Chaos, and the Spiritual Life" is a guide to introducing one's children to religion and fielding the questions that inevitably follow along with it. Telling how to weave the spiritual into the mundane to religiously educate one's offspring, "What Size Are God's Shoes?" is a useful and enlightening book for Christian parents. - Midwest Book Review

Your Faith, Your Life: An Invitation to the Episcopal Church by Jennifer Gamber

This “everything-you-need-to-know” guide for newcomers to the Episcopal Church is written and designed to provide accessible and user-friendly reading, with an easy-going look and style that’s packed full of substance. The book carefully unpacks the Episcopal Church’s language of worship, theology, church structure, and sacraments. - Church Publishing